The Brand ambassadors

brand ambassadors


A network of student influencers supporting the advertisers

Inspired by the English and German examples, the Campus Group is the only company offering a unique and successful product, leveraging networks of student influencers: the student ambassador program.

Each student or student association (BDE or other) can become your brand ambassador and diffuse your advertising within its network.

Beyond the traditional communication tools, the recommendation from a student to another and their tight relationships allow the ambassador program to be a very successful tool to access new customers.

Our network of student associations (BDE, BDS, cultural or humanitarian associations...) and all our influencers are selected based on their influence network, their impact on the campus, their creativity, and their commitment.

We can guarantee that our ambassadors (BDE or other student association, influencers) will be trained to use your product or services to be able to efficiently promote it.

oUR mission :


More than 500 campus partners at your availability.

Activating a student ambassador program on the short or long term will allow you to efficiently gain access to the student community by using their exclusive
communication tools.

Each program can meet your marketing goals:

Developing a brand reputation
Promoting new consumption habits
Acquiring new customers
Hiring a  BDD? (collecting emails or followers for your Facebook page, …)
Drive to Store
Creating a crowd effect for the launch of your operation on the ground
Creating Brand Content for your brand, using the communication code of your target